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Dr. Thomas Armel

Founding Partner & Director of Technology

Tom is a Founding Partner at QS-2 and Director of Technology. He is a recognized subject matter expert with deep expertise in multiple diverse fields, including synthetic biology, biophysics, molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, and genomics, and is responsible for leading the firm’s Biotechnology and Neuroscience service arms. He has managed projects in industrial biotechnology, synthetic biology, biosecurity, infectious disease, diagnostics, and therapeutics development, with experience spanning from cutting-edge academic research efforts to large-scale translational projects with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Before founding QS-2, Tom worked at Booz Allen Hamilton supporting projects in biotechnology and synthetic biology, and served as a Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School in the Systems Biology Department where he was awarded a Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award.

Tom holds a Ph.D. in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, with a Graduate Certificate in Biophysics, from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Chemistry-Biology from Whitman College.

Dr. David Guarrera

Founding Partner & Director of Analytics

Dave is a Founding Partner at QS-2 and Director of Analytics. He is a proven thought leader with years of valuable insight supporting the statistics, machine learning, and analytics space, and leads the firm’s analytics and mathematics practice areas. His expertise and past projects include a wide range of technical subjects spanning machine learning, mathematics, statistics, data analysis, network theory, optimization, and theoretical physics. He has also managed projects involving other scientific areas requiring mathematical expertise including epidemic and population modeling, high-throughput biological phenotyping, and electric grid, power systems, and waste-water re-use engineering.

Prior to founding QS-2, he worked at Booz Allen Hamilton where he supported big data, mathematics, and physics programs. Dave holds a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics (focusing on theoretical particle physics and superstring theory) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, completed Part III the Mathematics Tripos at the University of Cambridge, and holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Physics and Mathematics from Northwestern University.

Dr. Shawn Kimmel

Director of Engineering

Shawn is Director of Engineering at QS-2 where he leads the firm’s transportation service area. Shawn specializes in automated vehicle (AV) and unmanned aerial system (UAS) technologies and is a recognized leader in robotics and transportation technologies, bringing over 13 years of experience in engineering and program management. Over the course of his career, he has made contributions in diverse areas of engineering, including systems engineering, mechanics of materials, artificial intelligence, network theory, macro-level energy modeling, technology acquisition strategy, automotive cybersecurity, and intellectual property. He has supported technology and policy efforts at US DOT, FAA, DOE, DARPA, NASA, USPS, NPS, National Academies, and commercial clients.

Shawn has previously worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, IEEE, RAND Corporation, Caterpillar, and Ensco, Inc. Notable accomplishments include leading testing and evaluation for DARPA Urban Challenge team Victor Tango (3rd place) in the first on-road automated vehicle race, developing system requirements for Caterpillar’s automated mining machines, and serving as an IEEE / AAAS Science and Engineering Policy Fellow in US Congress where he advised on automated and connected vehicle legislation that was passed into law in the 2015 FAST Act Research Title. He participates in professional committees at SAE, IEEE, and TRB related to emerging transportation technologies. Shawn received his Ph.D. in Systems Engineering from Colorado School of Mines and holds both a Bachelor’s of Science and Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech.

Dr. Colleen Reiche

Principal Scientist

Dr. Colleen Reiche is a Principal Scientist at QS-2 where she manages the Aviation and Weather portfolio. She brings extensive technical experience supporting various clients including the FAA, NASA, and airlines in data analytics, aviation weather research, aviation new entrant assessments, technical program and project management, and stakeholder engagement. She specializes in combining qualitative and quantitative techniques to develop unique and customized solutions to provide her clients with meaningful and deep research and strategic insights.

Prior to joining QS-2, Colleen lead various technical aviation and weather projects including market studies, weather product development and assessment, modeling and simulation, and statistical analysis for various institutions including Booz Allen Hamilton, AvMet Applications, and MIT Lincoln Laboratory. She received her PhD and M.S. in Atmospheric Science from Purdue University and her B.S. in Astronomy & Astrophysics from Villanova University.

Dr. Ashley Arigoni

Principal Scientist

Ashley is a Principal Scientist at QS-2 where she manages the Energy Technologies portfolio.  Ashley is a recognized expert in the development and application of optimization models across a wide variety of use cases to analytically determine best practices for realizing strategic objectives. She has worked on projects spanning electric grid management, risk mitigation, commodity procurement, inventory stockpiling, shipping route planning, and health care topics including fertility planning.

Prior to joining QS-2, Ashley worked in power systems operations and trade analytics for Xcel Energy. She received her Ph.D. in Operations Research with Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and holds a Bachelor’s of Science and Engineering Degree in Operations Research and Financial Engineering from Princeton University.

Dr. Andrew Nichols

Lead Scientist

Andy is a Lead Scientist at QS-2, where he manages scientific consulting and strategy projects in biotechnology and the life sciences. He is a subject matter expert supporting clients in a range of disciplines including pharmacology, neuroscience, synthetic biology, molecular sensors, biosecurity, and regulatory affairs.  Andy applies this knowledge-base to manage multidisciplinary research programs and to develop market assessments, comparative analyses, and business intelligence products for advanced technologies including brain-machine interfaces, nano-medicine, bioinformatics software, and chemical/biological threat countermeasures.

Prior to joining QS-2, Andy worked at Booz Allen Hamilton as a management consultant in the life sciences for federal and commercial clients, and as a project manager for a biopharmaceutical R&D contract research organization. He conducted postdoctoral training at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and holds a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology from the University of Miami School of Medicine and a BA in Biology from Franklin and Marshall College.

Dr. Dave Rench McCauley

Lead Data Scientist

Dave is a Lead Data Scientist at QS-2, where he leverages his expertise in a wide array of topics for the benefit of clients including predictive modeling, network science, deep learning, text analytics, open data and open source strategy, renewable energy, and materials physics. Through Dave’s experience in the private and public sectors, he has worked with clients as diverse as national laboratories, research universities, federal civilian agencies, electric power utilities, the U.S. military, and tech startups.

Before joining QS-2, Dave worked in the tech startup space, using high-velocity and high-volume data to build data science solutions for the U.S. Air Force. Prior to that, he managed a wide variety of projects for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Energy Technologies Office. Dave received his Ph.D. in Physics from Penn State University and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Physics from Miami University.

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