Like many fliers I have gotten sick after flying or have flown while sick (sorry folks next to me last week). While we all know travel can increase stress which makes you more likely to get sick if exposed, a paper published this week looked at the movements of crew and passengers in correlation with disease transmission. The researchers analyzed the movements of individuals on 10 international flights and simulated transmission via droplet aerosol. The researchers found that it was unlikely passengers would be infected unless directly near another ill individual. While this seems obvious, during outbreaks of Ebola, Influenza, SARS, and others entire planeloads of passengers have been impacted when just a few individuals have had a fever. A few caveats for the paper, the international flights were very short for trans-atlantic flights and the collection of 229 environmental samples is rather limited considering the size of these planes and the risk areas for surface contamination. For those who do travel a lot though, another interesting paper which looked at boarding and deboarding procedures for risk of infection.