In his latest blog posting, Bill Gates lends his pen to the government’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, launched by the Department of Energy in 2008.

Modeled after DARPA, the agency seeks to fund research into long-shot technologies, such as advanced batteries or algae-based biofuels that might one day prove useful for tackling climate change and other energy challenges.  Private companies often lack the patience to invest in high-risk ideas that may take years to pay off or fail altogether.

ARPA-E aims to bridge the gap between scientists in the lab and entrepreneurs in the marketplace at pivotal moments in the lifecycle of emerging energy technologies. Gates notes that ARPA-E is bringing private investors to the table, having already resulted in the creation of 56 new companies.

The fate of ARPA-E is currently uncertain. President Trump’s 2018 fiscal year budget abolishes the agency entirely, but his proposal has been met with considerable resistance.