While sadly no one is named Dave right now on the International Space Station, the floating head known as CIMON and powered via remote processing by IBM’s Watson technology will soon be floating in micro gravity at the ISS. CIMON will have its own face and will be able to interact with the crew although there is no evidence in the article that it will be self-mobile or have any actuators. Instead CIMON will be present as a voice accessible assistant to help the astronauts complete specific tasks and to provide quick search options while floating next to the astronaut (maybe similar to a google home in space)? In any case, the introduction of CIMON to the ISS may mean increased conductivity to the ground as well as a first step towards more automated systems present on the ISS, reducing the maintenance workload on the astronauts and opening up time for more scientifically or space driven activities. What do you have at home (outside of Google Home or Siri) which you think would benefit the folks up in the space station? A walk-in shower does not count.