Our Mission

Providing creative solutions to the most challenging scientific problems.

Our Approach

Building off of our deep expertise, hard scientific and data driven approaches are at the heart of every service that we provide to our clients.

We are focused on innovation, and work with our clients in both the development and utilization of advanced, disruptive technologies.

Our Mission

At QS-2, our mission is to enable technologies that make the world a better place. Across applications, disciplines, and organizations, we strive every day to drive change forward. For our clients, our community, and ourselves.

Core Values

QS-2’s core values drive how we approach our work every day. Our dedication to these principles is what distinguishes us from the rest of our industry. We are a values-first organization, and believe that this approach drives us to be the the best at what we do.

Put People First. We believe that people are fundamentally the most important part of everything we do. We strive to foster an inclusive, supportive, and fun environment where relationships matter. We focus our decisions on what is best for our employees, partners, and clients.

Be Exceptional. We strive to deliver the highest standard of scientific and technical consulting in the industry. We provide our clients with the best technical expertise and strategic insight available, complemented with exceptional client service.

Act With Integrity. We have an unwavering commitment to behaving with integrity in everything we do. All of our team members take personal responsibility for their work, and we deliver on our promises – to our clients and to ourselves.

Be Professional. Whether it’s a client engagement, an internal project, or a social gathering, we hold ourselves to a rigorous standard. Our team is responsive, reliable, and focused, and we work to maintain a positive and professional environment.

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