The newest Voices from DARPA sat down with Dr. Justin Gallivan on his past as a tenured professor at Emory and his shift into a Program Manager role at DARPA. Dr. Gallivan discussed two of his portfolios РBiological Robustness in Complex Settings (BRICS) and Engineered Living Materials (ELM). BRICS looks at optimizing synthetically designed organisms or communities of organisms and moving them outside the ideal laboratory environment into the real world in a safe, productive, and effective manner. ELM also focuses on utilizing synthetic biology with an interest in programmable and controlled growth of organisms for specific needs and goals. Both of these portfolios look to push synthetic biology out into the real world with impacts on public health, international infrastructure, and even interplanetary independence (from Home Depot). Check out the interview and keep an eye out for more @DARPA. Also, now you know if in the future you visit your doctor and they ask if it is blue they may be referring to something DARPA helped develop.