Our Capabilities

Scientific expertise that delivers results.

QS-2 has deep technical expertise across a wide range of scientific practice areas.


QS-2 has a proven record of providing clients with solutions to challenges in the constantly evolving field of biotechnology. With a wide range of expertise ranging from biophysics to genomics, we provide in-depth analytical capabilities that meet all biotechnology needs ranging from the single molecule level to the systems level. Our ability to seamlessly traverse both biology and technology enables us to provide comprehensive and creative approaches for a diverse range of topics including metabolic engineering, genomics, and synthetic biology.

Data Science

Our team develops and uses state-of-the-art statistics, data-mining, and machine learning algorithms tools to discover patterns and unlock meaning in our clients’ data. While others may resort to canned routines, QS-2 develops tailor-made solutions for the unique challenges of each client’s data challenges. With our expertise in the latest developments in support vector machines, advanced regression, natural language models, tools for data aggregation, and efficient optimization algorithms, QS-2 is experienced in turning high-dimensional, noisy, “big”, and unwieldy data into meaningful insights and innovation.

Physical Science

From the fundamental to applied, QS-2 has deep technical knowledge in a number of established and emerging areas. Whether it is drafting language or determining metrics for a quantum information sciences solicitation or performing optical system design, QS-2 has the in-house expertise to address our clients’ needs. QS-2 is uniquely positioned to take cutting edge fundamental results and connecting them to applications.


QS-2 works with our clients to analyze, construct, and deploy mathematical modeling, statistical, and problem solving capabilities for their most intractable challenges. Our team has a robust and varied set of experiences from all aspects of mathematics including statistical modeling, graph and network analysis, topology and geometry, and numerical simulation (including finite element, fluid, biological/epidemiological, etc.) ready to deploy to our clients’ challenges.


The QS-2 team provides a broad spectrum of expertise concerning biosecurity addressing human, agricultural, and livestock threats. In addition to providing threat identification and assessment capabilities, we have also demonstrated success in providing countermeasure guidance ranging from technological solutions to policy and regulatory strategies. Our deep understanding of biology and current biological engineering tools allows us to provide cutting edge solutions to today’s most pressing security challenges.


Our team our team leverages deep expertise in research about the brain and nervous system to help our clients successfully resolve complex physiological problems from proof of concept to ground breaking translational applications. QS-2 has expertise with numerous techniques including experimental design, primary neuronal cultures, electrophysiology, optogenetics, immunohistochemistry, behavioral assays, and statistical analysis. We also have vast experience with the FDA regulatory process as it relates to neural devices. Our capabilities can be applied to vast areas such as biocompatibility, neuropsychiatric disorders, pharmacology, neural devices, and other challenges relevant to clients’ needs.

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