Our Services

Technical guidance from epiphany to product delivery

QS-2 leverages deep subject matter expertise to translate cutting-edge knowledge into real-world solutions for our clients

We know the way through new scientific projects because we’ve been there before, drawing on decades of experience working at the forefront of bleeding-edge scientific research and development in academia, government laboratories, and industry. Our team is passionate about identifying the most promising research and development directions for organizational investment and innovation.

Scientific & Technical Consulting

QS-2 provides best-in-class scientific and technical consulting services and evaluation methodologies by applying deep subject matter expertise across multiple domains including applied mathematics, biology, machine learning, physics, optics, chemistry, materials science, and engineering. What sets us apart  is our ability to apply deep technical expertise to solve complex challenges. With over 75% of our staff having a PhD in their field of expertise, there’s no doubt that we can provide advanced skillsets to help clients.

Scientific and technical consulting
Core Competencies

Digital & Analytics

QS-2 is passionate about reducing the disordered universe of “big data” into digestible and actionable insights for our customers. With expertise in the newest techniques in data mining, machine learning, and network theory, our team turns our clients’ complex and high-dimensional data into a precise strategic plan that helps them move forward.

We help organizations deploy predictive models for technology and market forecasting, and predictive and quantitative methods to point the way to new and innovative organizational investment strategies.

Systems Engineering

QS-2 helps clients achieve their mission by bringing a multi-modal perspective and applying cutting-edge engineering methods and data analytics to develop solutions. Emerging technologies increase complexity and expose limitations to existing frameworks.

Where traditional methods fall short, we bring creative solutions that leverage our team’s experience working in the automotive, aviation, mining, defense, and intelligent transportation system domains. We help clients understand the impacts of disruptive technologies, develop actionable plans, and implement those plans.

Core Capabilities


Successful and safe integration of new technologies involves research characterizing challenges, market potential, shortfalls, risks from multiple perspectives and at many scales. Our team of experts have a broad range of capabilities including operational assessments, data analytics, and environmental impacts that help our clients implement for the present and plan for the future.

Our suite of services and solutions for clients ranging from industry to local, state, and federal government focuses on customization and deep understanding of our clients mission. We provide subject matter expertise and support development of customized strategies and research roadmaps.

Testing and Evaluation

Our client’s mission is our mission, and our team at QS-2 has expertise in coordination, planning, and execution of testing and evaluation activities to support program objectives. From assessing requirements, identifying test cases and methods, establishing test plans, formulating independently verifiable quantitative metrics, developing virtual testing environments, and managing the overall execution of the T&E process, QS-2 is there to ensure project success. We have experience with hardware-in-the-loop and software-in-the-loop testing, and over the course of numerous engagements have developed methods and software that enables automatic scientific and verification scoring with the ability to tailor algorithmic solutions and development support to meet the client’s specific test-bed needs.

Program Management
Program Management


From inception to a successful program close-out, QS-2 works side-by-side with clients to manage large, multifaceted, complex programs. QS-2 understands the dynamic environment of program management, and our team excels in the ability to focus on the details that ensure a seamless delivery from ideation to innovation. From the review of proposals, vetting statements of work, and monitoring the achievement of program objectives, QS-2 aids our clients with in-depth due diligence and technical oversight of academic and industrial researchers. A solid program is founded on precise and aggressive-yet-feasible technical milestones, which our team has years of experience developing across a wide range of scientific disciplines covering the fundamental to the applied.