On the latest “Voices from DARPA” the host spoke with DARPA Program Manager Dr. Troy Olsson on his current portfolios at DARPA (SPAR, ICARUS,  VAPR, and N-ZERO). Dr. Olsson is an electrical engineer who came to DARPA from the Sandia National Laboratories and manages a diverse group of portfolios including those focusing on controlled degradation (vanishing) of material including working and stable microelectronics to drone gliders able to carry out resupply missions. Dr. Olsson is also managing research activities investigating highly efficient passive sensors as well as systems for low frequency/difficult media radio transmission. Closing out the interview, Dr. Olsson brings up one of his wished for technologies and while he may not be able to travel to the future, his research may result in a way to design a DeLorean which can truly disappear in front of your eyes without needing to hit 88 mph.