After the crash and death of a co-pilot in 2014, Virgin Galactic has been quiet on the public powered flight tests of their space plane. This changed yesterday as they attempted and succeeded with a powered test flight of the VSS Unity. The Unity reached the speed of mach 1.87 and went over 84,000 ft high. The plane is designed to drop from a ‘mothership’ carrier and to carry up to 6 passengers for a quick sub-orbital flight providing a great view and a few minutes of weightlessness. While not on the scale of the rockets for SpaceX, Virgin Galactic is attempting to make orbital tourism possible with cheap and reusable transportation, although at $250,000 a ticket cheap is very relative. In any case, Virgin Galactic is working hard to push technology for more reasonable everyday suborbital and maybe orbital flights which should always be considered a good thing. Interestingly, if you look at the capabilities of the SR-71, the altitude record was set to 85,000ft, although the maximum speed was substantially higher at mach 2.8.